"If a dog will not come to you after he has looked you in the face,
you ought to go home and examine your conscience"

Woodrow Wilson

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General reference works on mixed breeds and toy dogs appear elsewhere on our site.


  • ALDERTON, David Dogs (Eyewitness Handbooks) New York: Dorling Kindersley, 1993. Flexi binding, 8vo, 304 pages, index, glossary; color photos by Tracy Morgan. Aptly subtitled "the visual guide to over 300 dog breeds from around the world;" contains more than 1,000 photos. Stated 1st American edition/11th printing. As new condition. $15.00
    ---- The Dog: The Complete Guide to Dogs and Their World New York: Crescent, 1991. Cloth, 4to, dust jacket, 208 pages, index, glossary, color and black-and-white photos. Cover more than 350 breeds, with more than 150 illustrations. Reissue of the Quill edition (London, 1984). 1st thus, As new condition. $14.99

  • AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB The Complete Dog Book: Official Publication of the American Kennel Club (19th edition, revised) New York: Howell Book House, 1998. Gilt-stamped cloth, 8vo, dust jacket, 790 pages, index, extensive glossary, black-and-white photos and line drawings, 64 pages of color photos. With seven breeds new to AKC recognition since the 18th edition, and details on all AKC sports and events. 3d printing. As new condition; dust jacket in Mylar. $32.95

  • BURRIS, Christopher The Proper Care of Dogs Neptune City: TFH, 1991. Pictorial hardcover, 12mo, 256 pages, color photos. Overview of breeds, selection, and general care; profusely illustrated. 1st printing. As new condition. $10.00

  • CLUTTON-BROCK, Juliet Dog New York: Knopf (Eyewitness series for children), 1991. Pictorial hardcover, 4to, 64 pages, index, color photos and art reproductions. Recommended for ages 10 to 14, but ideal for the whole family. Especially strong visually. Stated 1st American edition. As new condition. $15.00
    ---- Perros London: Biblioteca Visual Altea/Dorling Kindersley, 1995. Pictorial hardcover, 4to, 64 pages, color illustrations; translated from the English by Juan José Vázquez. Spanish-language edition of the above title. 5th printing (November 1995). As new condition. $19.99

  • COUSENS, Frederick W., MRCVS, "revised and entirely re-written by" Dogs and Their Management: A Companion Volume to The Dog's Medical Dictionary London: Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd., 1934. Blue cloth binding (gilt-stamped spine), 8vo, 307 pages, index, black-and-white illustrations (most are detailed drawings). Based on the Edward Mayhew classic of 1858, with much on breeding and nursing, plus breed profiles. Points of interest range from a chapter on "Causation of Scent in Hunting" to Thomas Hood's "Dog-Grel Verses." Covers psychology, gun dogs, hunting terriers, the mastiff, hounds, and a host of other topics. Cousens was "canine surgeon by appointment to HM King George V and HRH the Prince of Wales." 1948 reprint. Good condition (previous owner's stamp on free endpaper); no dust jacket. $24.00
    Somehow a house does not seem fully furnished without dogs. ---- Lord Carrington
  • DANGERFIELD, Stanley, and Elsworth Howell, editors The International Encyclopedia of Dogs New York: Howell Book House, 1974. Cloth, 4to, dust jacket, 480 pages, black-and-white and color photos and drawings; with "special contributions" by Maxwell Riddle. Comprehensive and detailed, with contributions by leading experts: Douglas and Carol Appleton, C. A. Binney, Dr. Marca Burns, Dr. Antonio Cabral, Dr. A. Barone Forzano, G. N. Henderson, John Hodgeman, John Holmes, Robert M. James, Mary Roslin-Williams, R. H. Smythe, Catherine Sutton, Ivan Swedrup, Hope Waters, and Robert C. White. The more than 600 illustrations include photographs by Thomas Fall, Anne Cumbers, Morry Twomey, Sally Anne Thompson, et al. 5th printing (1979). Good condition, in fair dust jacket in Mylar. $25.00

  • DE PRISCO, Andrew, and James B. Johnson Choosing a Dog for Life Neptune City: TFH, 1996. Pictorial hardcover, 4to, 384 pages, index; color photos by Isabelle Français. General guidelines on 166 breeds, with excellent photography of each breed. All dogs are identified; an appendix helps you locate each one's owner/breeder. 1st edition. As new conditon. $30.00
    ---- Mini-Atlas of Dog Breeds Neptune City: TFH, 1990. Pictorial hardcover, 8vo, 573 pages, index, color photos. 1st printing. Near fine condition. $15.00

  • EDIE, Jane Dogs Glasgow: HarperCollins (Collins Gem series), 1996. Pictorial hardcover, 32mo, 254 pages, index, color photos; Claire Bessant and Peter Neville, consultants. Beautifully designed and illustrated pocket-size guide to more than 130 breeds; includes general care and training. 1999 reprint/1st printing. As new condition. $7.95

  • FLEIG, Dr. Dieter Fighting Dog Breeds Neptune City: TFH, 1996. Pictorial hardcover, 4to, 221 pages, index, color photos, black-and-white illustrations; translated from the German by William Charlton. Masterful study that discusses contemporary breeds (American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Argentine dogo, Boston terrier, boxer, bull terrier, dogue de Bordeaux, English bulldog, French bulldog, fila brasileiro, Great Dane, mastiff, Neapolitan mastiff, pug, Staffordshire terrier, Tibetan mastiff, Tosa inu) and breeds of old (Tibetan dog, Molossus, mastiff, bulldog, bull and terrier, Danish dog, Chincha dog). Profusely illustrated. Previously published as Kampfhunde II (Germany: Kynos Verlag). 1st edition. As new condition. $60.00

  • HAUSMAN, Gerald and Loretta The Mythology of Dogs: Canine Legend and Lore Through the Ages New York: St. Martin's Press, 1997. Wraps, 8vo, dust jacket, 278 pages, index, bibliography, black-and-white sketches; introduction by Dr. Michael W. Fox. Features more than 70 breeds, charting the course of each one through literature, historical accounts, anecdote, and observation. 1st thus. As new condition, $10.00

  • HUTCHINSON, Walter, editor Hutchinson on Setters Wheat Ridge: Hoflin, 1980. Gilt-stamped red leatherette binding, 4to, 54 pages, black-and-white photos, 1 full-page color illustration. Reprint of portions of the classic Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopedia (1934-35) concerning English, Gordon, and Irish setters. Historically important, and a rich lode of information on the breeds covered. Near fine condition. $40.00

  • JONES, Arthur Frederick, and John RENDEL The Treasury of Dogs New York: The Ridge Press/Golden Press Inc., 1964. Cloth (gilt-stamped spine and gilt-decorated front cover), 4to, 251 pages; full-page and smaller black-and-white and color photos by Walter Chandoha et al. Profusely illustrated, with especially fine contributions from Chandoha, and many art reproductions. Includes a study of the early history of breeds in North America and detailed chapters on sporting, hound, working, terrier, nonsporting, toy, and "special" breeds. Also covers puppy selection, training, veterinary care, dog shows, and "The Nature of the Dog." 1st edition. Very good condition (modest edgewear; contents pristine); no dust jacket. $12.00

  • KERN, Kerry The New Terrier Handbook Hauppauge: Barron's, 1988. Pictorial wraps, 12mo, 139 pages, index, color photos; black-and-white drawings by Michele Earle-Bridges. An "Understanding Your Terrier" section discusses pertinent points from vocalizations to digging. Unspecified printing. Near fine condition. $6.00

  • KLEVER, Ulrich Dogs Hauppauge: Barron's (Mini Fact Finders series), 1990. Mylar-jacketed wraps, 16mo, 64 pages, breed index, concise glossary, 70 color photos. A slim, pocket-size handbook crammed with facts. Originally published as Hunde (Munich: Gräfe und Unzer, 1989). As new condition. $5.95

  • PAVIA, Audrey, and Betsy Sikora Siino Dogs on the Web New York: MIS/Henry Holt, 1997. Wraps, 8vo, 416 pages, index. A guide to the world of dogs on the Internet. 1st printing. As new condition. $7.00

  • STERN, Horst Sterns Bemerkungen über Hunde Munich: Kindler Verlag, 1971. Pictorial hardcover, 8vo, 96 pages, black-and-white illustrations. Observations on the dog's origins and roles, plus essays on 15 breeds (Great Dane, German shepherd dog, poodle, Saint Bernard, cocker spaniel, Irish setter, dalmatian, Afghan hound, greyhound, collie, Bedlington terrier, deutsche Jagdterrier, boxer, chow chow). In German. 1st printing. Near fine condition. $35.00

  • TAYLOR, David The Ultimate Dog Book New York: Simon & Schuster, 1990. Cloth (gilt-stamped spine), 4to, dust jacket, 240 pages, index; "commissioned photography" in color by Dave King and Jane Burton. Visual tour de force, with detailed color photos on every page. Focus is on breeds; care, training, and reproduction are among other essentials covered. 7th printing. As new condition. $20.00

  • UNKELBACH, Evie and Kurt, "with a distinguished panel of canine authorities" The Pleasures of Dog Ownership Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, 1971. Cloth, 8vo, dust jacket, 236 pages, index, glossary, black-and-white photos. The "distinguished canine authorities" contributing to this "guide to selecting, training, loving, and spoiling your dog" are Bill Watkins, Maurie Prager, Glenna Crafts, Corinne Macdonald, Elsworth Howell, Dan Gordon, Sam Gardner, Walter Goodman, Lloyd Case, Kae Reiley, Bernard Ziessow, Aennchen Antonelli, Isabella Hoopes, and James Trullinger. 2d printing. Very good condition, in good dust jacket. $12.00

  • VESEY-FITZGERALD, Brian, edited by The Book of the Dog Los Angeles: Borden Publishing Company, 1948. Gilt-stamped textured green cloth binding, 4to, 1,039 pages, illustrated endpapers, 6-page list of illustrations, breed index, general index (including names of individual dogs), "Index of Books and Journals Quoted," 16-page "Glossary of Canine Terms," more than 300 color and black-and-white illustrations (photos, drawings, and art reproductions); 2-page foreword by the editor; 18-page "A Bibliography of Canine Literature" by Charles Castle; lists of "General Canine Societies," "Specialist Canine Societies," kennels clubs, and breeds recognized. Part I consists of essays by prominent authors: "On the Phylogeny, Domestication and Bionomics of the Dog (Canis Familiaris)" by G. M. Vevers, "The Dog in History" by A. Croxton Smith, "Breeding and Kennel Management" by M. Douglas Gordon, "On Selecting a Breed" by John Board, "Canine Cult" by Winnie Barber, "Domestic Education" by Cuthbert Greatrex, "Accident and Disease" by R. C. G. Handcock, "The Dog in War" by H. S. Lloyd, "The Dog in the Shooting Field" by Eric Parker, "Retriever Training" and "Spaniel Training" by P. R. A. Moxon, "Training Pointers and Setters" by Douglas MacIntyre, "Field Trials and Their Judging" by W. L. McCandlish, and "The Dog in Art" by Hesketh Hubbard. In Part II, 118 breeds, including many rare breeds, are described in signed articles. Part III offers more essays: "The Dog in Trade" by Clifford L. B. Hubbard, "Sheepdog Trials" by J. A. Reid, "Breeding of Foxhound" by E. C. W. W. Harrison, " Origin and Development of the American Foxhound" by A. Henry Higginson, "Greyhound in Sport" by Charles Castle, "How the Kennel World Is Governed" by A. Croxton Smith, "Brief History of the New Zealand Kennel Club" by S. H. Rastall, "East African Kennel Club" by Anonymous, "Belgium" by Morris Pursuiant, "Society for the Improvement of Canine Breeds in Spain" by Dionisio de Cespedes, "History of Cruft's Dog Show" by Robert Colville, "The Peterborough Show" by John Board, "The Judge at Shows" by W. L. McCandlish, "The Dog in Literature" by A. Croxton Smith, "Staffords and Baiting Sports" by Phil Drabble, "Guide Dogs for the Blind" by Capt. N. Liakoff, and "Observations on the Pariah Dog" by Drs. R. and R. Menzel. 1st thus. Good condition (laid-in page, in near fine condition in Mylar, of a February 1990 Kennel Gazette interview with "Doggie" Hubbard, who as Clifford L. B. Hubbard contributes to this volume, is signed by Hubbard in the margin; previous owner's signature on half-title; minor soil and wear on boards and spine; small stains on fore edge; a few pages creased; hinges weakening); no dust jacket. $75.00

  • WIRTH, Dr. Hugh, with Richard Yallop Living with Dogs Melbourne: Lothian Books, 1995. Pictorial wraps, 8vo, 156 pages, index, black-and-white photos, Australian dog infrastructure contacts. The author heads his nation's RSPCA; includes entertaining biographical sketch, much on Australian breeds, and general information (puppy selection, behavior problems, health, etc.). 1st printing. Very good condition (pages faintly browned; otherwise pristine). $8.00

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    General Reference

  • AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB Sporting Dogs (Hounds): The Breeds and Standards as Recognized by the American Kennel Club New York: G. Howard Watt, Inc., 1935. Black-stamped blue cloth binding, 8vo, 118 pages, black-and-white photos and line drawings; introduction by Charles T. Inglee, AKC executive vice president; most photos by R. W. Tauskey; glossary of technical terms compiled by Vinton P. Breese. Combines fine illustrations typical of dogs of the early decades of the 20th century and detailed breed standards for the Afghan hound, basset hound, beagle, bloodhound, dachshund, Scottish deerhound, American and English foxhounds, greyhound, harrier, Norwegian elkhound, otterhound, saluki, whippet, Irish and Russian wolfhounds. 1st edition. Fair to good condition (lacks saluki chapter; spine faded; covers, in Mylar, show wear and light soil; text and illustrations clean); no dust jacket. $15.00

  • CROXTON SMITH, A. British Dogs at Work London: Adam and Charles Black, 1906. Gilt-stamped and decorated cloth (pointer appears on the spine; the pointing pointer on the front cover duplicates the color frontispiece), 8vo, 132 pages plus 3 pages of dog-related advertising, list of illustrations; 20 full-page color illustrations by G. Vernon Stokes. Chapters discuss "Hounds at Work," "Shooting Dogs," and "The Terriers," as well as "Kennels and Their Construction," purchasing a dog, raising and feeding, breeding and "Some Common Ailments." An introductory chapter on "Man's Best Friend" takes a quick tour of literature and history before setting out Kennel Club rosters of sporting and nonsporting breeds. Each illustration, including the frontispiece, faces a full page of facts about the breed depicted, including "His Work" and "His Points." Breeds shown are the pointer, otterhound, beagle, deerhound, Irish wolfhound, English setter, Clumber spaniel, Sussex spaniel, Scottish terrier, foxhound, basset hound, bloodhound, Irish setter, retriever, cocker spaniel, fox terrier, Airedale terrier, bulldog, collie, and old English sheepdog. Apparent 1st edition. Presentation copy (stamp on title page). Good+ condition (previous owner's signature and date on free endpaper; all art intact; some foxing on text pages but art unaffected; boards and spine worn, but volume is firm). $350.00
  • ---- Everyman's Book of the Dog London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1910. Green cloth binding with darker green stamping, 8vo, 328 pages, list of the 82 black-and-white full-page and smaller "illustrations from photographs." Designed, the author writes in his introduction, "to help the inexperienced man or woman who, while loving our four-footed companions, knows little about the general treatment necessary in order to keep them in good health and contentment," this volume offers details on more than 60 breeds and wonderful period images of "well-known champions." With chapters on history, choosing and housing dogs, breeding and showing, diet and grooming, health, and "The Well-Mannered Dog." Probable 1st edition. Fair condition (boards worn, but firm; spine shows wear at head and tail; some foxing and faint browning throughout, but art and text otherwise unblemished; frontispiece tissue overlay intact). $100.00
  • "described by" CROXTON SMITH, A. Tail Waggers London: Country Life, 1931. Red-stamped gold cloth, 8vo, 146 pages, dust jacket; black-and-white photos by Thomas Fall et al. Portrait-calibre photography highlights this compendium of facts on 48 breeds and general care and handling, plus thoughtful, brief chapters on such topics as walking with your dog and the virtues of dogs. 2d impression (July 1932). Good condition (faint browning throughout; endpapers lightly foxed; bookplate inside front cover; all art intact and clean), in fair to good dust jacket (some soil; spine chipped) in Mylar. $40.00

  • DIBRA, Bash, with Elizabeth Randolph and Kitty Brown Your Dream Dog: A Guide to Choosing the Right Breed for You New York: New American Library, 2003. Cloth (gilt-stamped spine), 8vo, dust jacket, 354 pages, black-and-white photos; appendices on health and dog-related organizations. The animal behaviorist and trainer adds personal anecdotes to descriptions of 170 breeds, with advice on acquiring a dog and matching a dog's needs to your expectations. Stated 1st printing. As new condition. $10.00
    ---- Your Dream Dog: A Guide to Choosing the Right Breed for You New York: New American Library, 2004. Pictorial wraps, 8vo, 355 pages, black-and-white photos, appendices on health and dog-related organizations. The animal behaviorist and trainer adds personal anecdotes to descriptions of 170 breeds, with advice on acquiring a dog and matching a dog's needs to your expectations. 1st thus. Very good condition (sole defect: pages faintly browned). $4.50

  • Dogs New York: Workman (Fandex Family Field Guides series), 1998. Facts and color photos on 47 breeds in an ingenious fan-style device, perfect for pocket or backpack. As new condition, in original clear plastic box. $9.95

  • FORESTER, Frank, compiled, abridged, edited, and illustrated by The Dog by Dinks, Mayhew, and Hutchinson New York: Excelsior Publishing House, 1873. Gilt-stamped green cloth, 8vo, 663 pages (including 2-page editor's note), index, numerous full-page and smaller black-and-white drawings (with setter and woodchuck frontispiece). Combines three classic texts: The Sportsman's Vade Mecum by Dinks, Dogs and Their Management by Mayhew, and Dog Breaking by Hutchinson. Very good condition (tight, clean pages; minor soil on fore edge, back cover, and endpapers; gilt in very good condition on front cover and spine), in Mylar. $120.00

  • JUDY, Will Don't Call a Man a Dog Chicago: Judy Publishing, 1949. Gilt-stamped textured maroon fabricoid binding, 8vo, 158 pages, dust jacket; numerous black-and-white photos, cartoons, and drawings. Three-part compendium containing the author's eponymous lecture; a collection of Judy's dog prose and poetry; and a survey of world literature on the dog. The author, editor of Dog World Magazine, concluded his lecture by explaining that one must not call a man a dog because it's unfair to the dog. Contains Judy Publishing's heartwarming statements on "Opening a New Book" and "Care of a Book" and an informative message from the book's designer. Stated 1st edition. Good+ condition (free endpaper inscription by the author, to Mrs. Emily Prescott, whose bookplate appears on the half-title), in fair to good dust jacket (some soil and small chips; cover artwork unaffected) in Mylar. $30.00

  • PENN-BULL, Betty Dogs as Companions; as Prizewinners; as a Career London: S. P. B. A. Supplies Ltd., no date [1947]. Illustrated hardcover (featuring, on the front cover, a sketch of Scottish terrier Kennelgarth Blacksmith by Lucy Dawson, drawn especially for this edition), 8vo, 122 pages plus 2 pages of advertising, index, 1-page glossary, black-and-white photos (many by Thomas Fall) and line drawings, photo frontispiece of the author and her Kennelgarth Janet. All about choosing dogs, their "general education" and care, with comments on 19 breeds (with emphasis on terriers and gundogs), the importance and meaning of pedigrees, and other topics well understood by the author, president of the Scottish Terrier Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association and breeder of the Kennelgarth Scotties. Probable 1st edition. Fair condition (boards slightly warped; spine worn; pages faintly browned; previous owner's name stamped inside front cover). $70.00

  • RITSON, Lady Kitty [Lady Kitty Vincent] Dogs: An Illustrated Handbook London: Chatto & Windus, 1928. Red cloth binding (gilt-stamped spine), 12mo, 177 pages, black-and-white photos (including a frontispiece of Alfred of Tulchan, an Alsatian, and a full-page text photo of "Mr. Marples, junr., judging Dalmatians at Taunton."). All about selection and care; with a glimpse of the breeding, kennel operation, and dog show scene of the early 20th century. 1st edition. Good+ condition (boards lightly soiled and faded); no dust jacket. $38.00

  • SHOJAI, Amy D. The Purina Encyclopedia of Dog Care: A Complete A-to-Z Guide, from Canine Care and Personality Traits to Breed Characteristics New York: Ballantine Books, 1999. Hardcover, 8vo, 513 pages, index, 16-page color photo insert showing prime examples of popular breeds; foreword by Brian Kilcommons. Extensive health and general care coverage includes charts on 174 medical conditions. Stated 1st edition. As new condition. $12.00

  • SIERTS-ROTH, Dr. Ursula, and Heinz Tischer Das Constanze Hundebuch Hamburg: Constanze Verlag, 1957. Cloth, 12mo, 267 pages, index, black-and-white photos and drawings. Historical overview plus detailed look at selected breeds. In German. 1st printing. Very good condition (some foxing; red-and-white striped clothbound covers in good condition) in Mylar; no dust jacket. $22.00

  • SPADAFORI, Gina Dogs for Dummies New York: IDG Books, 1996. Wraps, 8vo, 360 pages, index, black-and-white photos and drawings, Internet and other resources; cartoons by Rich Tennant. Refreshing no-nonsense approach presents contemplating dog companionship through all facets of training in the user-friendly format that has made the Dummies series so popular. 1st printing. As new condition. $10.00

  • "STONEHENGE", edited by [John Henry Walsh] The Dogs of the British Islands, Being a Series of Articles and Letters by Various Contributors, Reprinted from the "Field" Newspaper (second edition) London: Horace Cox, 1872. Gilt-stamped and decorated green cloth binding, gilt edges, large 8vo, 286 pages plus 10 pages of advertising, subject index, contributor index, list of illustrations, 32 full-page black-and-white illustrations plus black-and-white frontispiece with tissue overlay. A rich trove of history, opinion, and experience, written by dog fanciers from a variety of perspectives. Exceptionally handsome volume consists of "Dogs Used with the Gun" (including setters; English pointers; droppers, or pointer-setter crossbreeds; field and water spaniels, and retrievers), "Companionable Dogs" (devoted to sections on numerous terriers, the bull terrier and bulldog, mastiffs, and sheep and drover's dogs), "Hounds and Their Allies" (covering "The Hounds of our Forefathers," bloodhounds, "modern" foxhounds, harriers, beagles, fox terriers, and "Truffles and Truffle-Dogs"), "Toy Dogs" (including "Ancient and Modern Toy Dogs," King Charles and Blenheim spaniels, pugs, and "Naturalized Foreign Dogs" -- Italian greyhound, Maltese, and Chinese crested), "Management of Dogs" (with chapters on kennel management specific to large breeds and pets, and treatment of distemper, mange, and worms), and "Judging at Dog Shows and Field Trials." Adds breeds not covered in the first edition, which was based on articles and correspondence published in 1865-66, and modifies some breed descriptions from the earlier book; the "food and lodging" sections and some illustrations in the first edition have been replaced by what the editor, in his preface, terms better examples. Dogs depicted are identified in all but one illustration: a full-page reproduction of "Boar Hunting with Bulldogs" by A. Hondius (1635) that does not appear on the list of illustrations. Very good condition (endpapers overlaid with clean, heavy white stock; previous owner's elegantly handwritten 1873 signature and London address on title page, where original tissue overlay is intact with some light foxing; boards worn, especially at edges, but gilt remains bright; a later owner's signature on printer's blank; text and art clean). $200.00

  • STONEHENGE, revised by George Armatage The Dog, Its Varieties and Management in Health, by "Stonehenge" with Its Diseases and Their Treatment by George Armatage, M.R.C.V.S. London/New York: Frederick Warne and Co., 1896. Decorated and gilt-stamped red cloth, 12mo, 267 pages, index, list of plates (black-and-white photo frontispiece of pointers, 13 full-page black-and-white photos, 2 full-page black-and-white drawings, and numerous smaller black-and-white drawings throughout text), 1 page of publisher's advertising ("Standard Veterinary Books"). A masterwork of John Henry Walsh ("Stonehenge"), first issued in 1874, is here retained with some revisions and expanded in the area of Armatage's expertise; Armatage practiced, lectured, and wrote on veterinary medicine. Very good condition (faint browning throughout; some foxing, mostly at margins; art clean; binding firm; edgewear modest for the book's age). $60.00

  • TREMAIN, Ruthven The Animals' Who's Who: 1,146 Celebrated Animals in History, Popular Culture, Literature, & Lore New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1982. Cloth (gilt-stamped spine), large 8vo, dust jacket, 335 pages, index, selected bibliography, black-and-white illustrations. From Aardy, the first aardvark born in captivity in the Western Hemisphere, to Zsa Zsa, a rabbit alleged to have played a toy trumpet in the Kennedy White House. 1st edition. Very good condition, in very good dust jacket in Mylar. $20.00

  • VANACORE, Connie Who's Who in Dogs New York: Howell Book House, 1997. Hardcover, 8vo, 212 pages, index, black-and-white photos. Lexicon format, with emphasis on AKC personalities. 1st edition; as new condition; $15.00. A second copy: 1st edition; near fine condition; $11.00

  • YOUATT, William The Dog London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1886. Embossed brown cloth binding with gilt-stamped spine, 8vo, 270 pages plus 24 pages of publisher's advertising, index, appendix ("New Laws of Coursing"), footnotes; black-and-white illustrations by A. J. Mason ("Head of Bloodhound" on title page), Thompson, Crane, Orrin Smith, et al. Covers "The Early History and Zoological Classification of the Dog," "The Good Qualities of the Dog: The Sense of Smell; Intelligence; Moral Qualities; Dog-Carts; Cropping; Tailing; Breaking-In; Dog-Pits; Dog-Stealing," and devotes three detailed chapters to "The Varieties of the Dog" (including wild dogs around the world as well as domestic breeds, from the established to the relatively unknown). Approximately half of the text is devoted to health, providing a fine resource for details of canine anatomy, illness, injury, and veterinary treatments of more than a century ago. Issued "Under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge." Fair condition (previous owner's small inscription, dated 1892, on half-title; boards worn, especially at edges, but firm; several pages up front wrinkled and taped at the gutter, but readable; a few advertising pages tattered at edges; text pages and illustrations unmarked and remarkably clean). $80.00

  • WATSON, James The Dog Book: A Popular History of the Dog, with Practical Information as to Care and Management of House, Kennel, and Exhibition Dogs; and Descriptions of All the Important Breeds New York: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1909. Beige cloth binding with brown stamping and front-cover photo inset, 8vo, 750 pages, glossary ("A List of Technical Terms"), "illustrated from photographs, paintings, and rare engravings," with a list of illustrations. After a century, this classic reference retains its interest, as an introduction to an earlier, but still informative, appreciation of breeds (including "Descriptive Particulars" for each breed), the early history of dogs, and the show experience. Liberally illustrated; captioned illustrations include leading show and breeding dogs. 1912 edition. Good condition (boards worn; hinges weak; faint browning throughout, but text and illustrations otherwise unblemished). $100.00

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    Rare Breeds

  • FERNANDEZ, Amy, and Kelly Rhae Hairless Dogs -- The Naked Truth: The Chinese Crested, Xoloitzcuintli & Peruvian Inca Orchid Privately printed, 1998. Pictorial hardcover, 4to, dust jacket, 244 pages, index, glossary, bibliography, breed resources, pedigrees; black-and-white line drawings, photos, and art reproductions; 32 color photos. History and development of these unusual breeds, with discussion of genetics and all aspects of care. No. 26 of 128 in 1st trade edition. As new condition; dust jacket in clear Mylar cover. $75.00

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