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  • CHANG, Lynn Disguises for Your Dog New York: Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Griffin, 2000. Hardcover, 16mo, unpaginated (48 pages); illustrated by the author. Amusing artwork and practical ideas on how to costume your dog for life's special occasions. 1st edition. As new condition. $6.00

  • DEVEREAUX, Eve Pamper Your Pooch: How to Delight Your Dog -- Practical Projects to Prove You Care New York: Lorenz Books, 1996. Pictorial hardcover, 4to, dust jacket, 96 pages, index; color photos by Jane Burton. Step-by-step crafts instructions, recipes, grooming tips. 1st edition. As new condition. $14.95

  • DIERKS, Leslie Making Pet Palaces: Princely Homes & Furnishings to Pamper Your Pets New York: Sterling, 1996. Cloth, 4to, dust jacket, 128 pages; illustrated by Orrin Lundgren. Lavish color photos and detailed construction plans complement step-by-step instructions for housing dogs in comfort and style. Also includes accommodations for birds, cats, reptiles, small mammals. 1st edition. As new condition. $18.00

  • ELTINGE, Steve Picture Perfect Dogs: A Guide to Dog Photography Montecito: MIP, 1991. Wraps, 8vo, 100 pages, index; color and black-and-white photos by the author. All the basics for the amateur photographer. As new condition. $15.00

  • Gifts for Your Dog: Over 30 Terrr-ific Homemade Presents Your Dog Will Drool Over Pleasantville: Reader's Digest Books, 1995. Illustrated hardcover, small 8vo, 64 pages; illustrations by Roger Fereday; step-by-step diagrams by John Hutchinson. Projects include cuddly pillows, a decorated bowl, toys, birthday cakes, hair accessories. 1st printing. As new condition. $8.00

  • NEEDHAM, Bobbe Dog Crafts: More than 50 Grrreat Projects New York: Sterling, 1997. Pictorial wraps, 4to, 128 pages, index, color photos, black-and-white patterns. Well-illustrated, large-format guide to building a traditional doghouse, recycling a sweater for a dog's use, creating a pet memorial, and more. 2d printing. As new condition. $14.95

  • WOLFE, Tom Tom Wolfe Goes to the Dogs: Carving Dogs West Chester: Schiffer, 1991. Pictorial wraps, 4to, 64 pages, color illustrations; text written with Douglas Congdon-Martin. Procedures from working with the blank to painting the finished carving. 1st edition. As new condition. $12.95

    Fun for Kids of All Ages

  • Dogs & Puppies Coloring Album Los Angeles: Troubadour Press/Price Stern Sloan, 1977. Illustrated wraps, folio, 32 pages; illustrated by Rita Warner. Full pages are devoted to the poodle, German shepherd, beagle, dachshund, cocker and English springer spaniels, mutts; other breeds include the Scottish terrier, miniature schnauzer, wirehaired fox terrier, Labrador and golden retrievers, dalmatian, basset hound, basenji, borzoi, Alaskan malamute, Siberian husky, Pembroke Welsh corgi, collie, and Shetland sheepdog; two pages are devoted to toy and giant breeds. There's text on all breeds, which are depicted in detailed naturalistic settings. 7th printing. As new condition. $4.50

  • GLOVER, Harry Dogs Sticker Book London: Usborne Publishing Ltd. (Usborne Spotter's Guides series), 1997. Illustrated wraps, 4to, 24 pages, index; illustrated by John Francis and Sue Testar; cover illustration by Ian Jackson. Depicts and describes more than 90 breeds with line drawings that correspond to color stickers displayed separately, for some find-that-dog fun. Can be used as a spotter's handbook; each breed description has "place" and "date" blanks to be completed. Fine illustrations. 1st printing. Near fine condition. $7.00

  • GREEN, John Favorite Dogs Coloring Book New York: Dover, 1983. Illustrated wraps, 4to, 48 pages. Contains 40 black-and-white illustrations, supplemented by 40 color illustrations of the same breeds on the covers. With brief text on each breed: German shorthaired pointer, golden retriever, St. Bernard, Siberian husky, Airedale, Bedlington terrier, wirehaired fox terrier, miniature schnauzer, Scottish and West Highland White terriers, Pomeranian, chihuahua, Pekingese, cocker spaniel, Afghan hound, basset hound, borzoi, Doberman pinscher, Great Dane, German shepherd, mastiff, Old English sheepdog, otter hound, bloodhound, smooth dachshund, bull terrier, papillon, Boston terrier, chow chow, poodle, keeshond, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, dalmatian, English bulldog, Lhasa Apso, greyhound, collie, boxer, saluki, English setter, beagle, and Yorkshire terrier. Unspecified later printing. As new condition. $2.95
    ---- Popular Dog Stickers and Seals New York: Dover, 1991. Illustrated wraps, 4to. Contains 48 pressure-sensitive color stickers, one for each of 48 breeds, plus commentary. Each dog portrait is realistically drawn, with expressive detail. As new condition. $3.50

  • KATE, Maggie, selected and arranged by Old-Fashioned Dogs Stickers New York: Dover, 1998. Illustrated wraps, 4to. 66 different images, reproduced in color from Victorian chromolithographs. As new condition. $3.95

  • The Ultimate Dog Sticker Book New York: Dorling Kindersley, 1993. Pictorial wraps, 4to, 20 pages. Contains 60 stickers; high-quality color photography of utility and gun breeds, hounds, terriers, toy dogs, and working dogs. In addition to plates of stickers, there are pages with facts on each breed, with dog shapes that can be colored or matched to stickers. 1st American edition/5th printing. As new condition. $6.95

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